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Welcome to Buildpoint, where we specialise in delivering exceptional concept plans services.

Our expert planning and drafting team are here to create detailed, high-quality concept plans that are custom-tailored to meet your unique needs.

Whether you’re embarking on a residential, commercial, or office project, our services ensure your vision is captured and transformed into an engaging design.

With Buildpoint’s concept plans services, your ideas transition seamlessly from dreams to tangible blueprints for success.

Trust us to guide your building journey with clarity, precision, and the innovative thinking that sets Buildpoint apart in the industry.

From concept to realisty - Architectural drafting and townhouse design Melbourne

About Buildpoint

From concept to realisty - Architectural drafting and townhouse design Melbourne

With two decades of experience in the building and construction industry, Buildpoint is a renowned Australian drafting company, specialising in transforming concept plans into detailed designs for both commercial and residential buildings.

Whether your project involves residential refurbishments, commercial upgrades, building extensions, or entirely new designs, our adept team is committed to turning your concept plans into a reality.

We leverage state-of-the-art software, an acute attention to detail, and our deep-seated industry knowledge to deliver top-tier drafting solutions and concept plans that are uniquely tailored to your requirements.

Our seasoned architectural drafters, insightful town planners, and innovative building designers are dedicated to materialising your construction dreams, into reality.

Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation with our concept plan experts and discover more about how our drafting services can help bring your building aspirations to reality.

Buildpoint: A Trusted Building Concept Design Company Registered with Industry-leading Housing Bodies

As a registered building design firm, Buildpoint brings a wealth of experience and deep understanding of concept plans.

Our affiliations with prestigious construction and housing organisations validate our commitment to upholding strict drafting standards, employing best practices, and ensuring dependable services for all our clients.

Being officially recognised and registered with esteemed housing bodies is a badge of honour for Buildpoint, reflecting our dedication to maintaining industry norms and showcasing our professional integrity.

These accreditations endorse our credibility and proficiency in crafting top-notch concept plans, reinforcing our reputation as a leader in delivering innovative building design solutions.

With Buildpoint’s Concept Plans Services, we’re commitment to transforming ideas into tangible blueprints.

Concept Plan Services : The Buildpoint Specialty.

Searching for a proficient architectural drafter, expert in creating concept plans for both commercial and residential buildings? Look no further than Buildpoint.

From renovations and extensions to new building designs and beyond, Buildpoint offers comprehensive drafting services focused on developing precise, tailor-made concept plans. Let us be your first choice for your architectural design needs.

Our Concept plan services can also help town planning and subdivisions, including attaining building permit approvals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concept plan for a house?

A concept plan for a house is a preliminary design or sketch that shows the layout and general features of a proposed residential structure. It’s essentially an architect or designer’s vision for the house, before detailed blueprints are drawn up. Companies like Buildpoint specialise in creating these concept plans to help clients visualise their homes.

What is included in a concept plan?

A concept plan typically includes a site plan, floor plans, and basic elevations. It should depict the layout of rooms, the positioning of the structure on the site, and provide a basic idea of the appearance and scale of the proposed building.


What are the steps of a concept plan?

The steps usually involve initial client consultations to understand needs and preferences, site analysis, preliminary design sketches, refining the design based on feedback, and finally, developing the finalised concept plan.

Why is a concept plan important?

A concept plan is crucial because it lays the groundwork for all subsequent design and construction stages. It’s a tangible way to ensure that the client’s vision aligns with the architect’s interpretation before detailed designs and construction commence.

What makes a good concept design?

A good concept design balances aesthetics, functionality, and feasibility. It should meet the client’s needs, comply with building regulations, be cost-effective, and harmoniously integrate with its environment.

What should be included in a concept design?

A concept design should include the overall layout, spatial relationships, basic architectural styles and elements, preliminary material choices, and sometimes basic colour palettes.

What is a concept plan in construction?

In the Australian construction context, a concept plan is a preliminary document detailing the design and layout of a proposed building.

It forms the foundation for further architectural detailing and drafting, like what is provided by Buildpoint.

How important are concept plans in the Australian building industry?

Concept plans are highly important in the Australian building industry. They guide the subsequent detailed design and construction phases, ensuring the project aligns with the client’s vision, regulatory requirements, and site constraints.

How long does it take to create concept plans?

The time to create concept plans can vary depending on the project’s complexity, but typically it may take a few weeks. Companies like Buildpoint work closely with clients to ensure a timely and thorough development process.

Can I make changes to my concept plans in Australia after they're finalised?

Yes, changes can be made to concept plans even after they are finalised, although it’s easier and more cost-effective to make changes during the concept stage. If changes are needed later, they should be discussed with your design team at Buildpoint.

How do concept plans contribute to the planning and design process?

Concept plans form the basis of the planning and design process in Australia. They help to clarify the client’s vision, guide the development of detailed architectural plans, assist in gaining necessary approvals, and serve as a reference during construction.

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